ASA AGM & Conference
10 March 2020

The Nan Tien Temple, situated near Wollongong in NSW, has kindly offered to host this event on behalf of the ASA. We are grateful to be able to use their excellent conference and accommodation facilities.

The Host & Venue

Program Tuesday 10 March

ASA AGM and Conference

TBC            Nan Tien Community Group Practice

7.00am      Breakfast

7.30am      Registration

8.00am     Introduction and Welcomes

8.15am       Mental Health Session

9.00am     Morning tea

9.30am      ASA AGM

11.00am     Lunch

1.00pm      Conflict Resolution Session

2.00pm     Afternoon tea

2.30pm     Discussion groups 1

Stream A:  Advanced Care Plan update

Stream B:  Conflict Resolution

3.10pm      Discussion groups 2

Stream A:  Advanced Care Plan update

Stream B:  Mental Health

3.50pm     Closing Ceremony

4.00pm    Conclusion

There will also be a short video presentation by Chaplains of the Australian Defence Forces.


An optional meeting to discuss the future strategy and activities of the ASA will take place on Monday 09 March from 6.30 to 8.00 pm. 

Session Presenters



Professor Frank Deane,

School of Psychology, Wollongong University


Tina Ng,

Metta Legal, Sydney

Ven. BomHyon Sunim,

Therimettarama, Sydney

Bhante Sujato,

Lokanta Vihara, Sydney


Disscussion Group Leaders



Ven. Thubten Chokyi,

Chenrezig Institute, Sunshine Coast 


and Ven. Dawa Zangmo,

Siddharta's Intent Australia, Melbourne.

Plus the presenters already mentioned above.

The ASA is the representative body, for monks and nuns living in Australia.

We regret that this event is not open for monastics who are currently living overseas

Online Registration

Registrations have closed on 15 February.

The organiser and host are in the process of allocating accommodation and transport.

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