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ASA AGM in WA 2018 via Mixlr

Missed out on registering and attending the ASA AGM in WA 2018, no problem. We live-streamed the ASA AGM 2018 via Mixlr this year. lease click the button below to access the ASA in WA 2018 Mixlr "Livepage". The ASA AGM is the first item on the "Showreel".

Ven. BomHyon, the ASA’s representative on the Religious Advisory Committee for the Australian Defence Forces, presented on the latest developments for Buddhist Chaplains in the Australian Defence Forces. She kindly shared her slides with us. They can be downloaded in PDF format below.

Chaplaincy in the Australian Defence Forces

Navigating the Insurance Renewal & Proposal to the ACNC

Anagarika Stephen Mayers presented on dealing with insurance issues and on a proposal to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission at the ASA in WA 2018 Conference.  Both presentations can be found below in PDF format, along with some useful links. The ASA is grateful for all the gathered information and for the two informative slide presentations. 

Navigating the Insurance Renewal - particularly like the definitions and explanations: "premiums,duty of disclosure, General Insurance,Under-insurance...etc" Do check out the inventory checklists that you can download too.  - a useful aide memoire at the start of the renewal process. Helps breakdown a complex task into bite-size chunks. Quickly identifies areas where concentration of focus should be applied.  - if you need a clear definition ('my head hurts") then 31 pages of explanations should reduce your concern.Or call me or your broker. - fabulous site for Charities and Not-for-Profits. - Help sheets and checklists galore on Risk Management and Insurance. Much metta to them. - many templates and tools for many business issues - wonderful toolkit on Risk Management, with a Volunteering focus.

ACNC and ATO Resources - the first page of an extensive website, which is updated all the time. Note - "setting up a charity; the Australian charities 2016 report (excellent data);Publications ( Factsheets and guides); "Running a charity"; "Red-tape reduction"...amongst many helpful tabs.

Why register ? Tax concessions and other  benefits: - the fact sheet on Religious charities. Dont hesitate to call their advice desk if you need questions answering they are extremely helpful - 13 22 62. There are other fact sheets on the site and you can sign up for regular email updates:


Charity subtypes if the ASA or an individual organisation wishes to pursue more than one subtype -

Types of Donor Gift Recipient endorsements (once ACNC has agreed Charity subtype) -

Detail on School building funds - - note definitions and criteria which ATO can review at any time (Sends a letter and asks for confirming data.

Please be aware that the present government is reviewing both DGR and the ACNC's powers and there will be a report to Parliament in June. 

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