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If you want to know what the Buddhist approach to something is, this is a good place to start. The ASA statements and policy papers reflect various social and legal views from a wide variety of Buddhist monastic traditions in Australia. You will also find  useful visa information, Buddhist chaplaincy & healthcare principles and website links here.
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The Australian Sangha Association is planning to have the Annual General Meeting and Conference 2021 in WA, hosted by Ajahn Brahm and the Buddhist Society of WA.  Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre will be the venue again.
More information will follow closer to the date, all depending on the COVID-19 situation. 

ASA AGM & Conference - (8th) 9th (10th) March 2021 - Save the date(s)

ASA Heart Circles

Dear Venerable Brothers and Sisters of the Australian Sangha Association,
Come join us for an opportunity of open hearted communion and support with
ASA members. We meet every Saturday at 7pm (Melbourne Time, AEDT).
Our first Heart Circles took place in late October and early November and a wonderful
heart felt sharing was enjoyed by those who engaged with the program.
A Heart Circle is an online Zoom event for members to share with each other things that are happening that are personally important to them. This is an opportunity for open hearted communication with others. In a Heart Circle we speak from a place of truth and listen with compassionate understanding. 
Please click the button "contact us" below and send us a message, if you would like to join future Heart Circles.
We look forward to seeing you in the Circle.
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COVID-19 Message from His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Oath Against Harm - Alliance for Buddhist Ethics

The ASA has unanimously adopted and endorsed the Oath against harm at the ASA AGM in Sydney in March 2020, which the Alliance for Buddhist Ethics (allianceforbuddhistethics.com) has created. It can be viewed in the "Resources" section under "ASA Policy Papers". The ASA encourages Buddhist groups, organisations, communities and individuals to take the oath and to re-affirm it every year.
Are you interested to read what the ASA/FABC have submitted on the 1st & 2nd Draft Religious Freedom Bills?
Check it out by clicking the buttons below or by visiting the "ASA Statements" section under  the "Resources" tab.

ASA & FABC Submissions on the Draft Religious Freedom Bills

Sydney has a new residence for ordained Buddhist women. To find out more about this project please click the button below, which will open a PDF document you can view and/or download. 

Therimettarama, Non-Sectarian Residence for Women Monastics in Sydney

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