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Australian Sangha Association Membership

Becoming a member of the ASA grants you access to

information and resources that can make life as a monastic

much more rewarding.


​​Members gain access to:


  • Visa and immigration policy updates that apply to ministers of religion


  • Close contact with monastics of various traditions which enriches the understanding of how monastic life is lived in Australia


  • The ability to shape the way in which Buddhism is understood and practiced in Australia


  • Voting rights at the ASA Annual General Meeting


  • Close connection with Government and Non-Government organisations that have a direct impact on the lives of monastics and monasteries


  • Connection and support in times of hardship with an Australian wide network of monastic practitioners


  • Being more connected to various Buddhist organisations throughout Australia

Membership Types

There are two membership types:

1. Ordinary Membership

This is open to any Sangha members (ordained and celibate) from a recognised bona-fide Buddhist monastic tradition who have been residing in Australia for at least one year.  This membership class has the right to vote at any Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM).

2. Associate Membership

Anyone residing in Australia who supports the ASA can apply for this type of membership. There is no voting rights at any meeting for this membership type, but you will have access to any communications shared with ordinary members (newsletters etc.). You also can join in at any AGM or SGM and participate (bar voting).

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