• Serve as the representative organisation for the Sangha in Australia.


  • Promote the interests of Sangha members and the Buddhist religion.


  • Liaise with local, State and Commonwealth governments on behalf of its members.


  • Liaise with the media on behalf of its members.


  • Assist in the resolution of disputes between members, if mutually invited, by arranging for independent mediation.


  • Act in every way to protect the good reputation of the Sangha and Buddhism amongst the community at large.


  • Serve as a forum for the discussion of matters of common interest to members.


  • Promote the ideals of the Buddhist religion in Australia.


  • Promote respect and harmony among different Buddhist traditions, and to preserve the legacy of the Sangha.


  • Be non-political, ethnically neutral, and non-sexist in the determination of policy and in all activities.

Australian Sangha Association Vision & Mission

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