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Where is the ASA based?

The ASA is Australia's peak body representing Buddhist monks and nuns from various traditions.

When was the ASA established?

The ASA was founded in 2005 as a representative body for monks and nuns of all Buddhist traditions, with the intention of maintaining good communication, connection, harmony, and understanding within the Buddhist Sangha nationwide. This spirit is reflected in the way the committee is elected each year, with all three traditions, as well as males and females, being represented. The ASA Constitution not only requires that each of the three major branches are represented; it also stipulates the requirement for gender representation when it comes to the election of the committee members, so that both nuns and monks have a voice on the committee.

What is the ASA?

The ASA is a national body and is not based in any one particular state as far as its operations are concerned. The ASA was however incorporated as an association in NSW for the sake of having a place to start from (in a legal sense). Ultimately the committee members and members are from a diverse range of backgrounds and live in states throughout Australia. Committee meetings are conducted regularly, and take place via teleconference (Zoom) in order to promote harmony and goodwill as the backbone of a unified Sangha body. An annual conference takes place each year where topics are discussed amongst the members, and an election is taken to form a committee for the next 12 months.

About the Australian Sangha Association

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