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Perth, Western Australia

Bodhinyana Monastery

Bodhinyana monastery is nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Darling Range, near the small town of Serpentine, Western Australia. The monastery began its growth in 1983. 

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Ajahn Brahm

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Sydney, New South Wales

Jong Bop Sa (정법사) Temple

본사는 1993년 3월4일에 기후스님에 의해 그 이름이 지어진 사찰로서 불광사와 달마사가 통합되면서 탄생된 것이다.

Jang Bop Sa established on 4th Mar 1993. The temple name of Jang Bop Sa is the inspiration of two(2) temples - Bul-gwang Sa and Dal-ma Sa.

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Contact Point

BomHyon Sunim

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Newbury, Victoria

Newbury Buddhist Monastery

Newbury Buddhist Monastery (NBM) is a training ground for those who wish to ordain as bhikkhus or bhikkhunis to practice the Noble Eightfold Path, in accordance with the training rules (Vinaya) of the Theravada Tradition, in order to “be free from all suffering and realise Nibbana.”

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Contact Point

Ayya Upekkha

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